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Carpet And Hard Surface Floor Cleaning

Your commercial carpet and hard surface floor cleaning are critical to making a first impression when a customer walks into your building. 'Master Clean & Care’ carpet and floor care services will help you make sure that impression projects cleanliness and professionalism.

'Master Clean & Care’  is an industry leader in cleaning all types of flooring including: wool, natural fiber and synthetic carpets, as well as marble, tile, wood and other hard surface floors.

Hard surface floor and carpet cleaning helps:

    Maintain your company’s professional appearance
    Reduce wear, especially in high-traffic areas
    Extend the life of your flooring investment
    Enhance slip resistance of hard surface floors, increasing safety for employees and

'Master Clean & Care’  makes carpets and flooring look their best.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning and Care
    Our relationships with carpet dealer keep us abreast of proper care techniques,
    ensuring your carpet’s long life and enhanced appearance.
    Hard Surface Floor Cleaning
    'Master Clean & Care’  knows the proper care regimens for a variety of hard floor
    surfaces including vinyl,
    ceramic, quarry, tile, and wood.
   Other Specialty Cleaning
    'Master Clean & Care’ specializes in other types of commercial cleaning as well
     including slip and fall solutions,
     window cleaning, computer room cleaning, and more.

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