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Save Some Time For Yourself, Leave The Housekeeping Chores To Us!

SupremePro Care Team Always Ready To Help You

The founder of “SupremePro Care” is a strong believer in human services, people working for each other.Since 2012, we have served over clients. Attention to detail, thoroughness, and quality of service at a reasonable price – that’s what you can expect from SupremePro Care.
“SupremePro Care” employs a team of cleaners who are passionate about their work and take pride in what they do. Our entire workforce is experienced, trained, motivated and reliable.
It is our ongoing commitment to guarantee customer satisfaction by adhering to our vision statement which motivates us to.

Our aim is to:

Offer increased value to our customers.
Allow more time with your family.
Build long-term relationships with clients, employees & franchisees.
Help in creating homes and offices that are clean and functional.
Work to the best of our abilities utilising all our expertise.


House Cleaning

Every company needs a cleaning and facility service to ensure a healthy, safe and efficient work environment for its staff and clients.

At SupremePro Care it is our commitment to deliver the cleaning services you need to the standard you expect. We strive uncompromisingly to give our clients the best cleaning service and create a clean, productive environment which where you to focus on your own core business.


Commercial Cleaning

SupremePro Care Team understands the importance of your company’s image and office appearance. We believe that our trained professionals can provide you with the highest level of performance on a consistent basis. We view our business relationship as a team effort to help your company maintain its high image.

We can design a detailed program in writing – complete with a Task and Frequency Chart on when items are scheduled to be cleaned. Our work will be cost effective as well as consistent and efficient over the long term.


Deep Cleaning

Our employees work in teams of one or two persons, and normally complete the cleaning some time between 9  am and 4 pm so that by the time you come home everything is  fresh and sparkling!

Our regular cleaning session normally consists of the deep cleaning of bathrooms (top to bottom), thorough surface cleaning of the kitchen,  vacuuming and/or washing of all floors, and thorough dusting of all the furniture, woodwork and home decor.

We Never Compromise With Quality

Quality control is the most important part of our Organization. We are conducting regular quality control training sessions for our supervisors and staff to ensure a maximum level of quality. Quality performance is a result of establishing clear goals, teamwork, communication, co-operation and the ability to tackle and solve problems effectively. It includes all necessary actions to provide for, the control and verification of certain characteristics of the service. We could talk about quality all day. However, we realize our claims don’t mean anything unless they’re backed by measurable criteria. That’s why the Master Quality Program clearly defines quality and translates that definition into direct benefits for you and your customers. By focusing on training, systems and support.


Housekeeping inspectors perform deep-cleaning inspections, prepare work orders and conduct daily operations. As the coordinator for housekeeping staff, housekeeping inspectors ensure that the company meets all cleanliness and condition requirements. Responsibilities include recording inspection results, resolving guest complaints and maintaining accommodations standards. We love what we do, which means the quality of cleaning.

Action Plans

We customize a house cleaning services plan just for you.  We team-clean for less interruption to your life. Our proprietary systems, including area cleaning plan and Wall Calendars, document all surfaces to be cleaned and track their progress through daily rotation logs, weekly detailed inspections and action plans created by an on-site Facility Manager.


Typical duties include: housekeeping, cleaning, vacuuming, mopping, washing, ironing, shopping, family cooking & food preparation and help with the running of the house. We use quality cleaning products and equipment, which enables us to provide a high level of cleaning service for your business or home. We also select our products with the environment in mind meaning all the products we use are environmentally friendly.

We Are Pleased to Celebrate

Thank you to our Wonderful clients!
We are proud to serve you!
We look forward to the NEXT 10 years!

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